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ORDI Token Surges 80% After Binance Listing

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The ORDI token experienced a substantial 80% surge in value following its listing on Binance, catapulting it from $7 to a peak of $14.02 before stabilizing around $13.13. Binance's endorsement significantly boosted the token's market presence, providing it with a broader investor base and a market capitalization nearing $217 billion, mirroring Bitcoin's maximum supply of 21 million tokens. The daily transaction volume for ORDI reached $161 million. Binance also plans to feature ORDI as a borrowable asset for margin trading against tether (USDT).


Interest in Ordinal inscriptions is on the rise, with the token accumulating miner fees from a substantial number of transactions. The inclusion of ORDI on Binance represents a noteworthy development in the world of Ordinals, showcasing the growth of BRC-20 tokens within the Bitcoin blockchain.