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Hackers Offering Discounted Tokens from CoinEx and Stake Hacks for Sale

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Blockchain analytics firm Match Systems has identified an individual linked to a cryptocurrency laundering operation selling stolen tokens from recent high-profile exchange hacks at discounted prices. Investigations into several major breaches during the summer of 2023 led to an individual allegedly selling stolen cryptocurrency tokens through peer-to-peer transfers. The individual was contacted on Telegram and confirmed to be in control of an address containing over $6 million worth of cryptocurrencies. The exchange of stolen assets was facilitated through a Telegram bot offering a 3% discount on the token's market price. It is believed that these funds are related to the CoinEx or Stake hacks. The individual's identity remains unconfirmed, but they are believed to be associated with the hacking group responsible for the breaches. The perpetrators of the CoinEx and Stake hacks were also recently identified as the North Korean Lazarus Group, which contrasts with some earlier reports that suggested different identifiers in their methodology. Blockchain security firm CertiK previously reported that around $4.8 million of the total $41 million stolen in the Stake hack had been laundered through various token movements and cross-chain swaps.